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I tried the Pre-Retrieve plugin to set the LastViewedFormXml but it did not work cause CRM gets the LasViewedFormXml before it gets the entity record.

Erik Pool

Hi Charlie, for that you could use the formselector navigate() javascript function to re-navigate to the correct form during the onload() event. Another possibility (which I haven't tried yet) would be to have a pre-retrieve plug-in on your entity that would set the LastViewedFormXml for the current user based on some value of the current record. I'm not sure if this would really work though; it would depend on when CRM determines which form to use (if it's after the plug-in fires I think it would work).


Thanks Erik! Quick question: Is there a way to force the form to open in the version that it was saved in? We have a few users that work across multiple sales departments (and multiple opportunity forms). When they open an opportunity, we need it to open in the appropriate form version regardless of the form version they last viewed. Thank you!

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