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Erik Pool

Christophe, CrmDiagTool will just enable CRM platform tracing for you, but often the error messages in the platform trace files will still just say "generic sql error" so you need to dive deeper.

Christophe Trevisani Chavey

I used to identify this generic sql error with platform tracing activated by CrmDiagTool4.

Did not resolve for you?

This method is really the last I use in critical situation. Probably the more efficient in this case.


This is a very good article to identify the exact CRM error. Thanks !


Thanks this was very useful

Erik Pool

Hi Scott,
No, unfortunately I don't know of any way to troubleshoot a Generic SQL error on CRM Online. Debugging in a CRM Online environment is pretty much restricted to using the tracing service. I would post the details of the error to the CRM Development Forum, someone there may have seen the same error.

Scott Farriss

Hi Erik,
Thanks for the article. Do you know of any tools, or any way to retrieve these errors from CRM Live? We are receiving the "Generic SQL Error" in the MS hosted environment, and this does not happen when we test locally.


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